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Report Card Comments Made Easy: 5 Steps to Save Hours

Whether you are new to writing report card comments or an experienced vet… you know the time it takes somehow never seems to get shorter. To help you streamline the process and save precious time, we’ve put together a list of five easy steps you can follow. Not only will these steps save you hours, but they will also help you create more meaningful and effective comments.


Step 1: Have the Students Self-Assess

My first piece of advice in getting your report card comments done faster is don’t work harder than the students. One effective way to save time and gain insight into your student’s progress is to have them self-assess their performance in different subject areas and learning skills. This provides you with valuable information that you can use in their comments.

I always have them reflect on learning skills (one strength and one area for improvement) and use their exact words in their comment. I use this as a guide when writing the learning skills comment:
{Name} is proud of {pronoun} progress in {learning skill}. {Pronoun} said “_____”. When reflecting on areas {pronoun} could improve upon moving forward, {pronoun} said “_____”.

This gives the student some voice in their report card but also makes that very large comment box look more full… 🤪 (someone had to say it).

Step 2: Use a Generator to Automate Report Card Comments

Using a report card comment generator has changed my life. Although I am known to be very dramatic, this is not an overstatement. 🚨

So… what is a comment generator?

A report card comment generator is a coded Google Sheet that allows you to create personalized comments for your students. Essentially, it takes the typing and copying/pasting out of the task for you because it will automatically populate your comments for you based on the selections you make. All you need to do is enter names/pronouns and select comments from dropdowns. When you scroll to the bottom of the document, you will see a fully typed-up, personalized comment done for you.

I created all of my learning skills comments in less than 6 hours last term. Crazy right?! Click the links below to purchase or learn more!

Although spending money on resources for your classroom can be frustrating, tools like these save you hours. I always ask myself, how much would I be willing to spend to gain 20 hours of time back? That $25 doesn’t seem so expensive when you realize you could spend those hours doing something you love instead.


Step 3: Use AI to Write or Edit Report Card Comments

If you already have a system in place and don’t need the tools mentioned above, using AI can also save you hours. AI-powered tools can help you generate personalized report card comments for each student based on their unique strengths and areas of improvement. Click here for more information on using AI in the classroom.

Report Card Example on Chat GPT:


Prompt Ideas:

  • Please check this report card comment for any spelling/grammar/readability errors: {paste comment here}
  • Please write me 5 learning skills strengths I can use for responsibility in Grade 6

Step 4: Create a Plan

Creating a work-back plan can help you stay on track and manage your time effectively when writing report card comments. I’d recommend starting your report card comments four weeks before they are due to the principal.

Here is a suggested timeline:

  • Week 1: Complete all learning skills comments. With the help of the learning skills comment generator, you may be able to do this in just one day, or you can spread it out over the week by completing five a day.
  • Week 2: Write all subject comments
  • Week 3: Grade any final assignments & calculate overall grades
  • Week 4: Personalize subject comments and enter comments into the system

Looking for Ontario subject comments for Grades 5-8? Click here!

Step 5: Set a Timer

Creating a plan is Using the Pomodoro method can help you stay focused and avoid procrastination while writing report card comments. Set a specific number of minutes for each subject, student, or learning skill comment you are working on and start a timer. When the timer goes off, you know it’s time to finish up and move on to the next one. This method also allows you to take quick breaks in between tasks, helping you stay refreshed and maintain productivity.

In conclusion, writing report card comments doesn’t have to be an arduous task. By following these five steps, you can save hours of time while crafting meaningful and effective comments that truly reflect your students’ progress. With tools like comment generators and AI at your disposal, as well as effective planning and time management techniques, you can make report card season a breeze.

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