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TpT Business Builder members are seeing results like these…

“I went from selling a product once a week to selling multiple products each day.” – Courtney

“My TPT has grown exponentially since I started the course. Before I began the course, I would literally make like $5-10 a month haha. Now I’m almost to a point where TPT can pay my car payment each month.”

“I made $9175 CAD last month on TpT.” -Ellie

Let’s Talk.

Opinion: Teacher salaries aren’t great.
Sorry, but none of us chose our jobs for the flashy paycheques. We became teachers because we love helping students and having an impact.

But… those warm-fuzzies we get from our jobs don’t pay our bills. So, rather than giving up our time to get another part-time job (e.g., serving, selling, etc)., why wouldn’t we use the skills we already have to create a stream of passive income?

With the right coaching, starting a Teachers Pay Teachers store & business can change the way you see your career and your finances.

The TpT Business Builder Seller Course will be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about becoming a successful seller. My signature framework will help you establish your brand, set up your store, create & design products, and nail down your marketing strategies. The course, private Facebook community and monthly coaching calls will ensure you build your business and teach you how to turn TpT into an income you can truly rely on.

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Here’s a little secret for you…

I started my TpT store as a first year teacher. Busy, stressed out, overwhelmed. So, I was insane but motivated to start a Teachers Pay Teachers business because I realized I was working overtime but not getting paid for it. No matter how cute my resources were, or how engaged my class was – I still made less than the teacher next door who was photocopying resources from 1989.

Enter… Teachers Pay Teachers.

I figured, if TpT could help me make just make $50 a month, I’d be happy. I could buy some resources from TpT to save ME time and then have a little extra to buy myself a Starbucks on a Monday morning.

But guess what? That happened in one month. After applying strategies, I had my first 4-figure month with just 14 products in my store.

Now, after one year of implementing the signature framework you will have access to in this TpT seller course, I am earning more from TpT than I am from my teaching job.


TpT Business Builder

The only TpT Seller course you need to start and scale your business into an income you can rely on.

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What’s Included?

A step-by-step framework to successful selling on TPT with 70+ video lessons that take you through every step you need to become successful on TpT
A 60 page workbook with templates and notes to help you track your learning
Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions & support other group members
3 group Q&A coaching calls with Katarina
Seller Starter Kit: PowerPoint Video Tutorial Library (36 videos), Templates, Clipart Set
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This course is for you if:

You are new to TpT and would like to get your store up and running as quickly & efficiently as possible. Cut the research and questioning phase, and get straight into the $.
You have started a TpT store but haven’t seen any significant sales from it. You are ready to be coached and scale those sales!
You want to be able to ask an experienced TpT seller all of the questions you have & will have about running a successful business.
You want accountability through the private Facebook community & group coaching calls. There is nothing more motivating than being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are succeeding and cheering you on!

Let’s Build a Business.


What others are saying about TpT Business Builder…

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Meet Ellie

TpT Business Builder Member

Ellie was one of the first to take the TpT Business Builder course, in the first stages of our beta launch in May.

She had started her TpT store in early 2020, and while she was seeing success from her products – she was still ready to learn more and scale her sales. After taking the course, Ellie started seeing results immediately. From her first $100 day, to hitting her first 4-figure month (just 11 days into the month ?.

Having a reliable TpT income allowed her to move into a new condo without stress in a year of uncertainty.

Join us! It won’t be the same without you.


Would this course be helpful for sellers who have not started a TpT store yet?

Absolutely! This course is designed to be a one-stop-shop for a new TpT seller who wants to do everything right, the first time. Modules 1-4 are dedicated to creating a brand, learning the ins and outs of TpT, copyright, developing content ideas, and product design (e.g., PowerPoint tips, how to create printable, digital, and editable products).

What if I have already started a TpT store?

If you have started a store but have not seen significant sales, this course will absolutely help you get there. The modules can help you start from scratch, or can help you build off of and improve aspects of your store that are holding you back from the earnings you are capable of achieving. There is also a module on visibility which dives deeper into TpT SEO strategies, different marketing platforms and Pinterest. There is also a bonus module on Instagram and staying productive!

Does the course need to be completed within a certain amount of time?

No, you are guaranteed access to the course for a minimum of one year after your purchase date or the lifetime of the course.

What kind of results will I see after I complete the course?

Ultimately, I can’t guarantee that this course will result in earnings, because that is in your control. What you put in, you will get out as with any business. However, I CAN tell you that TpT Business Builder will provide you with the tools to: develop a brand, create high-quality products, and market your resources effectively. The course content along with the three live Q&A video calls will give you the knowledge, space, and support to creating a thriving TpT business.

I am hesitant about the financial investment. How do I know this course will be worth my while?

I understand that as a new seller, you are hesitant to invest in yourself. I was the exact same way. I felt that if I paid for something, I NEEDED to at least earn that money back, and that can be a scary step for some people.
However, doing TpT on your own means spending hours digging through countless of sources of information online. This course is meant to give you a springboard into your TpT business success and save you hours of wasted time, by providing proven and effective methods and guidance.
I have done all of the research for you and am providing you with detailed video tutorials, PowerPoint tutorials, templates, and marketing information so that you don’t have to. The purpose of this course is to fast-track your store start-up so you CAN start making an income ASAP, and earn that money back and more.

There are other TpT seller courses out there, what makes TPT Business Builder different?

I decided to create TPT Business Builder because once I applied the strategies outlined in this course to my own business, I saw a 2500% increase in earnings. Are there TpT sellers out there with more products, followers, and reviews than me? Absolutely. But I am here to show you the exact strategy I used to turn my TpT store from a hobby, to a reliable, high 4-figure income I could depend on monthly. I also know that the accountability you will have from the Facebook group & the personalized support you will receive from the three months of coaching calls will ensure success. I will right there with you, answering questions and cheering you on. Your success is MY success.

Still unsure?

Let’s chat about it. Click the button to connect with me on Instagram. I will answer any and all questions you have there!

You can also join my Facebook group for new TpT sellers or read this blog post for more.