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10 Classroom Must Haves for Teachers

I’ve gone through my fair share of classroom purchases (and regrets) so today I am bringing you my TOP 10 classroom must haves that are actually worth buying. Let’s get into it! FYI, this blog post contains some affiliate links 🙂

classroom must haves magnetic bookshelf on whiteboard

Classroom Must Haves

#1. Doorbell

This is my one of my FAVOURITE classroom must haves! I use a wireless doorbell as an attention-grabber for my students and it’s the perfect alternative to a call-and-response. It works effectively for all grade levels & there are many different sounds and settings so you can choose what works for you. I highly recommend purchasing the one that comes with two receivers because it’s significantly louder.

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#2. Magnetic Curtain Rod

Now, the magnetic curtain rod might seem like an unnecessary purchase, but trust me, it’s useful for displaying anchor charts. I attach two binder rings to the rod so that I can easily hang and flip through my different anchor charts. It’s super simple but keeps your pages nice and organized!

#3. Magnetic Shelf

Here’s another unexpected find that I’ve come to love—a magnetic shelf for books. I use it to display my current class read-aloud but the options for this are endless.

#4. Stickers

I am not huge on rewards and incentives BUT I absolutely loved having stickers this year. I used them during weekly shoutouts (check out this Instagram reel for details) and on birthdays. You can totally make this more of a system but having them on hand for prizes is great too! P.S., make sure you vet all of the stickers before putting them out for students – occasionally you will come across one that isn’t super age appropriate!

Neon Stickers

Animal Stickers

Variety of Stickers

#5. Magnetic Hooks

These little magnetic hooks are perfect for hanging garlands or lights on your whiteboard. They also work great if you need to attach anything to desks or rolling carts!

#6. Adhesive Tack

I was blown away by how well this adhesive worked. If you’ve ever had tape fail you (the humidity will do that in the warm months), you need to try this. Everything I stuck up with this actually stayed all year and is perfect for situations where you can’t use tape on the walls!

#7. Drawer Cart

Once you have a drawer cart, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. It’s a storage solution that helps you keep your photocopies organized or allows students to manage their daily work or centers. I have the 10-drawer and 12-drawer options from Michaels. Check out this blog post for more paper organization tips!

#8. Laminator & Pouches

Although not essential in the list of classroom must haves, having a personal laminator can make a significant difference. Compared to what we have in school, these always turn out more sturdy and durable. The convenience of being able to use them at home or in your classroom is also amazing! I also use these laminating pouches.

#9. Dry Erase Pockets

If you don’t have access to mini-whiteboards, dry-erase pockets are a cost-effective solution. Slip in blank pieces of paper for instant whiteboards or print out various activities such as word work or math games. These versatile and reusable pockets are great for engaging students while being easy on your budget.

#10. Timer

Finally, a reliable timer is a must-have in any classroom. While I incorporate timers in my class slides, having a physical timer is perfect for managing quick activities, clean-up time, rotations, independent work, or games. It provides structure and helps everyone stay on track.

These are just a few of my classroom must haves, and I would love to hear about yours too. If you have any other items that have enhanced your teaching experience, please share them in the comments below. Here’s to a successful and well-organized classroom! Happy shopping!

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