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tpt course for sellers sneak peek

Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Course: FAQ

Making the decision to invest in your business as a Teachers Pay Teachers seller can be a difficult one, especially at the beginning. It’s hard because you are choosing to go “all-in” on yourself and make a real commitment to stepping out of your comfort zone. 

In my first year as a Teachers Pay Teachers seller I spent a lot of time doing nothing. Not because I didn’t want to add or create products, but because everything felt hard and time-consuming. There was so much research and learning involved that I just didn’t have the time for.

Once I had the time to learn and create, I started seeing huge results. This is why I decided to create my course, TpT Business Builder. I have seen first-hand how running a Teachers Pay Teachers store has changed the game for me and I want to help new sellers get to this place FASTER. I only wish I had all of this information, mentorship and guidance when I started because boyyyy would I be further along now if I did.


Enter, TpT Business Builder: A Course for Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers


teachers pay teachers seller course video mockup and sample pages from the workbook


What do I get when I join?


  • 6-modules of video training from me guiding you through the framework required to build a SOLID foundation for your TpT business.
  • A 50+ page workbook with templates and notes to help you track your learning
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions & find support through myself and other group members
  • Bonus Coaching Calls featuring Marketing Guru Alissa McDonald of THU and Pinterest Expert Chelsea Hall
  • Seller Starter Kit: Tech Video Tutorial Library, Done-for-you Templates, Clipart Set
  • 2 bonus modules teaching you how to fit it all into your schedule and get started on Instagram

What kind of results have members seen?

Results will vary based on your commitment, effort and store niche. The analogy I use is: if you buy yourself a great pair of running shoes for a marathon, but never run… will you be successful in that marathon? The same thing goes for TpT and courses like this. The members that commit to going through the modules, applying the advice, coming to the calls or watching the replays are the ones who see massive transformations in their stores. Here’s what some of our members say…


teachers pay teachers seller course examples of success stories from members

Is this course right for me?

This course is perfect for sellers who are brand new to TpT or sellers who have started a store but haven’t seen the results they hoped for. It walks you through all of the foundational elements a successful TpT store needs and teaches you strategies you can use to grow.


Does the course need to be completed within a certain amount of time?

Nope! You have lifetime access to the course and it is self-paced. You are able to complete it when YOU have time and go back to it as needed.


It seems expensive. How do I know this is worth my while?

I completely understand that as a new seller, $275 feels like a lot. You may be thinking, “will I even earn enough to pay the course back?” These are normal thoughts because as teachers, we are careful with our money and risk-averse. We also aren’t used to pushing ourselves this far out of our comfort zone. 


However, the question becomes how much do you value your time? If you want to do-it-yourself with TpT you will spend hours digging through and consuming information. From blog posts, to podcasts to Facebook posts, there is a LOT of information out there. If you want to commit to yourself, step into the fear and truly transform, this course will give you a springboard into your TpT success and save you hours of time. I have been on TpT for just over two years and I am currently making more on TpT than I do working my full-time job as a teacher. Imagine spending $275 to double your salary in two years? Or even make an extra $300 each month, passively? The members so far have said YES and have not regretted their purchase!

TpT business Builder course for sellers module overview

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