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product listing must haves for tpt

Product Listing Tips for TpT Sellers

The biggest mistake I see sellers making on TpT is NOT giving their product listing enough love. Think about it. When you shop online, you look at the listing to decide whether or not the product is right for you. If the image used doesn’t help you visualize the product or if the description leaves you with questions, chances are you won’t click “add to cart”. We need to think about Teachers Pay Teachers in the exact same way!

tpt seller tips for product listing

Keys to a Good Product Listing that CONVERTS (aka, sells).

Captivating Cover 

A cover image is important to your product listing because it is the first thing people will see when they are scrolling through the search results. So if you have been letting TpT automatically generate your covers – stop!

Your cover is your first chance to grab a potential customer’s attention. Here are my top cover tips:

  • Use a square cover & be consistent with it.
  • Clear, bold fonts that represent your brand & product well. Make sure the fonts you choose are easy to read, avoid whimsical/cursive text for keywords. Use that as an accent if you like!
  • Have the title take up a lot of the space on the cover, think ⅓ or even ½ of the entire box. This makes the text more clear.
  • 1-2 images that showcase your product well. In-action photos do very well for hands-on and crafty products but mock-ups are a great alternative if you don’t have the time to do those!
Three Thumbnails

Thumbnails can be very valuable if they are used correctly. Make sure you use all three unless your product is a freebie. I like to think about the highlights of my product. What three things can you showcase to help a customer understand how the resource will help them and why they need it for their classroom. Use each thumbnail as a different key point/feature.

With that being said, make sure your thumbnails aren’t too text-heavy. They will look to your description for more details so just keep it simple and concise. Show, rather than tell in the thumbnails.


Poppin’ Preview

I can confidently say I would never buy a product over $3.00 if it didn’t have a preview. Previews help a buyer get a closer look at a product and understand its benefits. I always say previews are like “buyer insurance”. They make the buyer feel confident in their purchase AND they eliminate misunderstandings. If you have a clear preview, the chances of a very negative review are slim because well, you’ve shown them the product already! There are no surprises and your buyer satisfaction rate should be high.


Detailed Description

Your description is important for Search Engine Optimization. Since TpT is a search engine, there are tools built in to make sure customers find products that they are looking for. As a seller, you want to make sure your description is optimized for the search engine so that your products come up sooner in the search results. 

Your description should be structured in this format:

  • SEO friendly snippet
    •  3 sentences that tell your buyers what the product is, using relevant keywords.
  • What’s Included?
    • Detailed, bullet point list of all the pages/sections included
  • Reviews/how it helps
    • Not all buyers will scroll down to the reviews, so take your most glowing review and put it right in your description! Use this section to tell buyers how this product will help or transform their classroom/teaching practices. 
  • Related products
    • Link some related products teachers may be interested in checking out
    • You can also link your blog/social platforms here!
The Price is Right

Pricing could be a blog post in and of itself, but it’s important to make sure your pricing is competitive and fair. I always ask myself, “What would I pay for this product?” and go from there. Unfortunately, buyers don’t care if you spent 60 hours on it. They care about how much time and stress it’s going to save THEM so don’t get too attached to your hours or effort when pricing.


TpT 101: Free Workshop

If you are interested in learning more about all of these tips, sign up for my FREE workshop below. This will take you through all of the steps you need to start making consistent sales, or your first $1000! Even if you are already there… but not making as much as you’d like, this workshop will still help you figure out how to improve and make your income more consistent! Click the image below to sign up!

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